The Bitter of Saint!

When the last reverence dies out in the heart, And the sublimest of words loose their effect, And this entire existence appears As a fruit without a smell, Yet bitter to the Still Feeling tongue, Prison-like, To the soul that, Still, Yearns to freedom - And at a crucial junction In the forest of rotten … Continue reading The Bitter of Saint!


Bhavāsava (On Boredom!)

Adoration to St. Antony! Boredom often arises due to the restlessness of the mind, which is conditioned by nature to seek to stimulate itself continuously (this is how and why rebirth happens!). What we, as practitioners, discern in our hearts as “boredom”, is the most profound agent which propels life from one creature to another: … Continue reading Bhavāsava (On Boredom!)

How Simple is Paticcasamuppada! (The Hedgehog version!) ● Salāyatana (nose + olfactory potency) ↓ ● Phassa (nose contact with odour) ↓ ● Vedanā (pleasure) ↓ ● Tanha (craving) ↓ ● Upādāna (substantiating experience, now with another salāyatana, the gustatory) ↓ ● Bhava (seeking: again, more!) ↓ ● Jati (the natural consequence of further expedience and further being). ● Salāyatana (body, … Continue reading How Simple is Paticcasamuppada! (The Hedgehog version!)

An Experiential Definition of Samadhi & Pañña

Samadhi is the absence of spontaneous reactionariness. So it is not the happening or advent of a new experience, but rather the cessation of one that is naturally and continually happening; which is spontaneous reactionariness, on both the bodily and mental levels, sensorially, emotionally, and conceptually. That is why it has been difficult to describe … Continue reading An Experiential Definition of Samadhi & Pañña

No fear

Fear is always fear of phantoms! No other kind of fear exists. We can only be afraid of ideas. It's not possible to be afraid of a "thing". All experiences, without exception, are revealing, are opportunities for salvation. There are no fearful experiences. There is only fear of phantoms.

Transcendence Only

Transcendental ends are easier to reach than mundane ones. And the advantage of a transcendental solution is that it lasts. A mundane solution never lasts. And, in the first place, there are no mundane solutions. There are no mundane solutions to mundane problems.

Burmese translators of Tipitaka

There are in fact two significant -but not widely known- Burmese translators who translated many books from the sutta and abhidhamma pitakas into English. Their translations are in many instances much better than those done by PTS or contemporary translators, and they offer new interesting perspectives and understandings regarding the rendition of the difficult terms … Continue reading Burmese translators of Tipitaka

Faith in Nibbāna

_____________________ More important than happiness, is Nibbana. More important than safety, is Nibbana. More important than freedom, is Nibbana. More important than comfort, is Nibbana. More important than power, is Nibbana. Nothing exists that can conceivably be more important than Nibbana. Because Nibbana is the only thing which can conceivably bring meaning, purpose, and value, … Continue reading Faith in Nibbāna