Interview: Pāli Literature in Burmese Art

Interview with Venerable Javanasami on the use of Pāli literature in Burmese literary and performance arts, recorded on August 7, 2019, Shan State, Myanmar.

Link to the oratorio theater performance of the Mahosadha Jataka (with music):


All the Buddha’s Teaching (Dhamma-Magga-Phala)

Injustice & Freedom .. Through the Dhamma Prism

Justice and equality are such strange, impossible things; to the extent that, the more one is preoccupied with them, the more one falters, not only in their actual enforcement, but even in their abstract definition!

Not at peace is he who identifies “others” as the cause of his pain.
A blind man is he who is unable to see the suffering of all other beings.
Not free is he who searches & struggles to find his deliverance
in external forces, outside of his own heart.

The opposite of fear is not courage,
the opposite of fear is,
Amidst the great flooding of cruelty & fear,
compassion, & nothing else,
is Noah’s Ark.

Social media & the smart phone: the danger

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Acinteyya: the non-crossable limitations of the psyche

Sati, viraga, vimaŋsa (awareness, dispassion, investigation)

Sekhiya: training of outer deportment & inner qualities


Sila (morality):


Samādhi (attention):


Pañña (intuition):