Bhavanirodha (Pāli verse & pictures!)

Na hi bhavena bhavāni samūhanati Nibbidena ca virāgena ca nirujjhati  


AntoVass’ekadivasaņ (One day during the Rains)

___________________________________ I take a walk Pleasant and calm and slow Across the open fields Then I return To my cozy Homely Hermitage That overlooks those pleasant Calm and empty fields. I just take a walk And I come back; No moral lesson is learned, No samadhi is enjoyed, And no gnosis is reached. Only, The … Continue reading AntoVass’ekadivasaņ (One day during the Rains)

Concerning Seclusion and Asceticism

"Kathañca bhikkhave, saphalo upakkamo hoti saphalaŋ padhānaŋ. Idha bhikkhave, bhikkhu na heva anaddhabhūtaŋ attānaŋ dukkhena addhabhāveti dhammikañca sukhaŋ na pariccajati. Tasmiñca sukhe anadhimucchito hoti." _MN 101 Devadahasutta Letting go of delightful or comforting attachments while one is experiencing them, while they are available and around, happens with much more emotional ease and comfort, but could … Continue reading Concerning Seclusion and Asceticism