Bhavāsava (On Boredom!)

Adoration to St. Antony! Boredom often arises due to the restlessness of the mind, which is conditioned by nature to seek to stimulate itself continuously (this is how and why rebirth happens!). What we, as practitioners, discern in our hearts as “boredom”, is the most profound agent which propels life from one creature to another: … Continue reading Bhavāsava (On Boredom!)


The Ten Great Attachments

There are ten great attachments grounded in the delusion of self and which comprise all experience of one's conditioned mind. What ten: Desire for safety (fear and aversion respecting physical and emotional harm). Desire for comfort (fear and aversion respecting hardship). Desire for freedom (fear and aversion repsecting confinement and restrictions). Desire for control/power (fear … Continue reading The Ten Great Attachments