On Life & Death & Liberation

It is living that is an act of desperation!
And if your crippled consciousness and malignant will have
_in this fleeting moment of life-affirmation_
brought you to deny and denounce the truth,
Consider then,
That which you have identified as the meaning,
and value of life,
Can it ever go beyond
And what do I take with me?!
Nothing but the continuous poison
of life!
There is no death.
There is no escape.
There is only suffering, fear, and restlessness.
There is only life even for him who renounces life.

Our journey of life is
For the most part
A continual fear
Of the pain of life.

Our journey of life is
For the most part
A continual search
For the nearest killer
Of the pain of life.

Our journey of life is
For all we know
A journey of fear
And unquenchable yearning
For safety.

The body is hanging to this life by a thread
A breath
A heart beat
But the mind
The self
The idea
It seeks and yearns
After eternity
Any eternity
Even eternal suffering
And fear of suffering
Is the story of the human being.

There is no escape for such a human being
Unless by renouncing once and for all
Its identification with body,
And its attachment to all that is supported by form,
To all that is conditioned,
To all that comes to exist.

Through the Great Mount of Seclusion

Our social sentiments are profound agents of tanha. Our shared delusions and fevers strike deeper than private ones. The craving and aversion of the social self must be relinquished. The path of cessation must eventually ascend the mount of seclusion; for the gate to the Eternal, stands at the peak of the great mount of seclusion. What is Nibbāna, if not the realisation, acceptance, and no more resistance, of the truth of how much alone we are, how much unfree, how much lost, how much far away from home?! This is what the human being is, it is not something that is optional about his entire existence. Nibbāna is not going back home or becoming free or safe, it is only coming to terms with the fact that no home, freedom, or security, exist for us here, neither in space nor in time! The idea about pabbajja is to become liberated from the yoke of searching for a physical and emotional home and freedom – but only through taking the path of the great mount of seclusion, does the sublime striver become liberated also from the ego’s tyrannical search for the safety and stimulation of companionship and intimacy! We are alone, so terribly alone! Whatever happens, we will remain alone. Likewise we are unfree and vulnerable, always! Liberated is he who has transcended the maddened desire to escape from his mundane aloneness, captivity, and vulnerability. Liberated is he who awaits and expects as a visitor, as a liberator, and as a supreme security, only Nibbāna and nothing else.

For a full human and a sublime striver, living in society is like having to take care of a thousand delinquent! There is only one solution to this problem; to renounce all responsibility for the happiness and suffering of others, and to cultivate the courage and the patience to endure their subsequent revenge!!


There is a certain understanding
of avijja –
not as a thing or an entity,
but as a process,
a process of fatal domination
which arises within our own hearts
and brings forth contamination,
rot and decay,
not only the smell of death
but death itself,
and rebirth.
But for he who is striving sincerely
on the Path of Awakening,
this kind of understanding of avijja
will on the other hand bring forth