There is a temple for Māra,
for the devil itself,
right in the centre of our hearts!
our thoughts, feelings, and intentions,
go to worship
under the shrine of Death.
Whether it be through the roots of fear or hate,
seek to experience precisely that
which you resist in any way.
Seek to disclose and uncover
your mortal enemy
from the depth of your corrupted heart.

Truthfulness is Resourcefulness!

To resolve to truthfulness,
to love it,
to yearn for it,
to make a life-companion out of it,
a home,
a refuge,
a palace of pleasant light and pure odours,
a garden of peace,
a solace to the troubled heart,
a sanctuary in which the restlessness of the mind finds resolution,
fortress against fear and trembling,
saviour from confusion and inattention,
the diminishing of fever,
and salvation.
and much more,
is the fruit of devotion to
_wholly embracing_