Give a Bloody “Like”! (the poem).

Do not be cruel-hearted, Do not be so stingy! Why not try be humble, Kind and friendly and generous?! It costs nothing to give a “like”, And there is an infinity of likes In your possession to give! You will never run out of “likes”! But you might run out of “friends”! And you surely … Continue reading Give a Bloody “Like”! (the poem).


Give a Bloody “Like”! (the essay)

Concerning Degenerate Behavioural Standards on Social Media I remember when I was still on Facebook, a number of years ago now, I would frequently come across the situation where the author of a post or "status", receives no likes at all although he or she may have many “friends”, and although the post, however much … Continue reading Give a Bloody “Like”! (the essay)


There is a temple for Māra, for the devil itself, right in the centre of our hearts! There, our thoughts, feelings, and intentions, go to worship under the shrine of Death. Whether it be through the roots of fear or hate, seek to experience precisely that which you resist in any way. Seek to disclose … Continue reading `