The Bitter of Saint!

When the last reverence dies out in the heart, And the sublimest of words loose their effect, And this entire existence appears As a fruit without a smell, Yet bitter to the Still Feeling tongue, Prison-like, To the soul that, Still, Yearns to freedom - And at a crucial junction In the forest of rotten … Continue reading The Bitter of Saint!


Religion as Pure Doctrine & as Social Phenomenon

Can any true and pure transcendental doctrine and practice ever function as a “social religion” without losing its purity in the process?   The historical tendency is for pure religious doctrines to become appropriated to the use of the masses as soon as they become adopted on a large social scale or by the state. … Continue reading Religion as Pure Doctrine & as Social Phenomenon

Transcendence Only

Transcendental ends are easier to reach than mundane ones. And the advantage of a transcendental solution is that it lasts. A mundane solution never lasts. And, in the first place, there are no mundane solutions. There are no mundane solutions to mundane problems.


There is a temple for Māra, for the devil itself, right in the centre of our hearts! There, our thoughts, feelings, and intentions, go to worship under the shrine of Death. Whether it be through the roots of fear or hate, seek to experience precisely that which you resist in any way. Seek to disclose … Continue reading `

Ariyasaccā (What is Happiness?!)

The question "what is happiness?", despite of its serious significance, has only rarely been taken seriously enough. I think this is the case because, despite of the manifold definitions that are being proposed of happiness, no substantial and practical formulae are being provided as to the actual path of life through which to attain such happiness here and … Continue reading Ariyasaccā (What is Happiness?!)