Bhavanirodha (No Future!)


Only the present moment and nothing else!
Because there is nothing else!
And because the future
is not as much fearful or promising
as we believe.
Fear and hope are just bad habits.
The future is innocent
like all things
that do not exist
are innocent and pure!

And what is it really
that is fearful or hopeful bout the future?
That what we fear or desire
will one day become
And that what we desire
will not come to pass

But there has never been
there has always been
just now,
always now.
The future never betrayed us,
it’s we who always betray
the present.
The future always comes in time,
it is we who are never ready to receive it.
The future doesn’t exist in the future,
it can only be experienced

Whatever hopes and dreams and fears and worries
and the myriad other feelings which weigh down the heart
that deprive us from receiving our precious gift of life
will never join us in our journey after death.
In a single moment of break-up
they will all vanish forever.
And what is it that will remain then?
except for the force
the momentum of one’s yearning
or the momentum of one’s peace.

Yearning leads to life,
to rebirth,
to the perpetuation of being,
and to the everlasting thirst,
for a never possible future,
with endless hopes and dreams and fears
and the myriad other feelings
which weigh down the heart
that deprive us from receiving
our precious gift of life!
And again and again and again!

Peace leads to release,
total escape,
even beyond heaven.
For one who sees
that there is no future –
the restlessness in his heart
is wholly extinguished.
He is safe and at peace,
in every present moment,
He ‘has’ no future,
he takes nothing with him.
He too no longer exists.
At last,
he becomes innocent and pure,
like all things
that do not exist.

Only the present moment and nothing else!
is the cessation of being.

Faith in Nibbāna


More important than happiness,
is Nibbana.
More important than safety,
is Nibbana.
More important than freedom,
is Nibbana.
More important than comfort,
is Nibbana.
More important than power,
is Nibbana.

Nothing exists
that can conceivably be
more important
than Nibbana.
Because Nibbana
is the only thing
which can conceivably
bring meaning,
and value,
to human life,
and to all existence.

More important than heaven,
is Nibbana.

May you attain Nibbana,
only Nibbana,
and nothing other than Nibbana.

On Life & Death & Liberation

It is living that is an act of desperation!
And if your crippled consciousness and malignant will have
_in this fleeting moment of life-affirmation_
brought you to deny and denounce the truth,
Consider then,
That which you have identified as the meaning,
and value of life,
Can it ever go beyond
And what do I take with me?!
Nothing but the continuous poison
of life!
There is no death.
There is no escape.
There is only suffering, fear, and restlessness.
There is only life even for him who renounces life.

Our journey of life is
For the most part
A continual fear
Of the pain of life.

Our journey of life is
For the most part
A continual search
For the nearest killer
Of the pain of life.

Our journey of life is
For all we know
A journey of fear
And unquenchable yearning
For safety.

The body is hanging to this life by a thread
A breath
A heart beat
But the mind
The self
The idea
It seeks and yearns
After eternity
Any eternity
Even eternal suffering
And fear of suffering
Is the story of the human being.

There is no escape for such a human being
Unless by renouncing once and for all
Its identification with body,
And its attachment to all that is supported by form,
To all that is conditioned,
To all that comes to exist.


Budho! Budho! Budho!

The contacts of the body and the senses with this sensorial world, the spontaneous emotions which follow the experience of contact, the memories and impressions which such contact stirs in the mind, the spontaneous thoughts and imagination which arise on the basis of all that, and finally the fluent, loud, and torrential flow of the will in action, conditioned by all of the preceding, even though we will still call it ‘free will’ – all this is to be viewed just as a dream, and as the contents of a dream, that is, virtual, unsubstantial, lacking true essence or existence.

“Buddha”, one who has “awakened”, even though He was still in this same dream-world of rupa, kāma, moha, and dukkha. But He is no longer fast asleep, thinking or feeling it is real where it is not, acting as if it is Himself that is in there, and others too, their selves, where there is nothing but images, sounds, tastes, smells, bodily sensations, and ideas, along with all the thoughts, feelings, memories, emotions, and will, which these induce and condition. He has awakened from this dream state even though he is still in this dream world. That is the miracle of Dhamma and of Nibbāna. He goes around knowing that this world and this body and this self, is just a fleeting, passing-by dream, and that all these experiences of contact, of emotion, of thoughts and imagination, of memories, and of the will, are likewise just an inherent part of this same dream world, dream state.

In this dream world, there is nothing to lose! It is just a great amalgam of elements which are all at constant play and interplay. Nothing goes missing, nothing is lost, the whole remains intact even though nothing remains the same. Except for the arahant, for he successfully liberates the will and the consciousness from this morbid web of becoming and dissolution, he departs for good leaving behind the cruelty and sorrow of this world. Adoration to all arahants.

Budho! Budho! Budho!

What Really Are We?!

If you want to know everything
about the dark conditioned side
of the human mind,
closely watch a monkey
that is living with other monkeys,
in other words,
any monkey!

And whatever that evolves from a monkey
must out of absolute necessity
renounce the monkey!
Or else he shall be consumed
by life;
an object, not agent,
of nature;
a subject of the ordained passage
of time;
a marionette,
of conditioned existence.

But alas!
For it so far has not been only the chimp
that has failed in renouncing the monkey!
The human being
has only been infatuated with himself;
it looks down upon anything that is not human.
While the truth is:
from the perspective of animals
we are daemons!
And from the perspective of gods,
we are animals!
What really are we?!