Transcendence Only

Transcendental ends are easier to reach than mundane ones. And the advantage of a transcendental solution is that it lasts. A mundane solution never lasts. And, in the first place, there are no mundane solutions. There are no mundane solutions to mundane problems.


Faith in Nibbāna

_____________________ More important than happiness, is Nibbana. More important than safety, is Nibbana. More important than freedom, is Nibbana. More important than comfort, is Nibbana. More important than power, is Nibbana. Nothing exists that can conceivably be more important than Nibbana. Because Nibbana is the only thing which can conceivably bring meaning, purpose, and value, … Continue reading Faith in Nibbāna


Budho! Budho! Budho! The contacts of the body and the senses with this sensorial world, the spontaneous emotions which follow the experience of contact, the memories and impressions which such contact stirs in the mind, the spontaneous thoughts and imagination which arise on the basis of all that, and finally the fluent, loud, and torrential … Continue reading Budho!