Faith & Intuition (& other religions! )

Faith is an absolute! There are no different qualities of faith, but only different intensities. Even in the case of a dogmatic person: dogma is not a “kind” of faith, it is only a separate quality that may or may not arise along with one’s faith. One may become dogmatic, or cease to be so, … Continue reading Faith & Intuition (& other religions! )


The Blue Trurh

_______________________ He who loves "blue", has the sky to enjoy. The nectar of Truth too is in every phenomenon. Let him who grasps on to his faith breath, breath the healing potion that emanates even from corpses and from all their bad memories. Away with the grey clouds, of desire. Enough with the rain, of … Continue reading The Blue Trurh


There is a temple for Māra, for the devil itself, right in the centre of our hearts! There, our thoughts, feelings, and intentions, go to worship under the shrine of Death. Whether it be through the roots of fear or hate, seek to experience precisely that which you resist in any way. Seek to disclose … Continue reading `


With view to the actuality of suffering and eventuality of death, the only meaning of life has to be found in the belief that some liberation from suffering and death, is possible. Yet our belief in that very "possibility" of liberation from suffering and death is conditioned by the way we understand and experience that very … Continue reading `

Three Clarifications Concerning Conditioning

There are three clarifications concerning conditioning, the understaning of which makes one finds it not in himself to 'blame' anyone or anything anymore. What three? There are no external causes of suffering, only external triggers. There are no external causes of defilement, all things defiled are mental. There are no external causes of desire or faith … Continue reading Three Clarifications Concerning Conditioning