Bhavāsava (On Boredom!)

Adoration to St. Antony! Boredom often arises due to the restlessness of the mind, which is conditioned by nature to seek to stimulate itself continuously (this is how and why rebirth happens!). What we, as practitioners, discern in our hearts as “boredom”, is the most profound agent which propels life from one creature to another: … Continue reading Bhavāsava (On Boredom!)


How simple is Paticcasamuppada?! “Phassa” .. The importance of contact.

Abstract: “Contact” (phassa) represents the very gate through which all that can be experienced is experienced. Thus it is the gate through which both pleasure and pain enter through the body (six senses) into one’s mental world. If there was no contact, there would be no conditioned existence and no suffering (SN 12.24). The goal is … Continue reading How simple is Paticcasamuppada?! “Phassa” .. The importance of contact.

Concerning Seclusion and Asceticism

"Kathañca bhikkhave, saphalo upakkamo hoti saphalaŋ padhānaŋ. Idha bhikkhave, bhikkhu na heva anaddhabhūtaŋ attānaŋ dukkhena addhabhāveti dhammikañca sukhaŋ na pariccajati. Tasmiñca sukhe anadhimucchito hoti." _MN 101 Devadahasutta Letting go of delightful or comforting attachments while one is experiencing them, while they are available and around, happens with much more emotional ease and comfort, but could … Continue reading Concerning Seclusion and Asceticism